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~ Beauty is a light in the heart ~

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Hello, my name is Krisztina and I specialise in Portrait, Brand and Yoga Photography in London and Hertfordshire. 


All my sessions are relaxed, natural and fun. I want you to feel as carefree and comfortable as possible so I can capture you (and your family) in all your beauty. My goal is to capture those precious moments and create something that you will love, so I pay close attention to detail and create beautiful settings for your shoot. 


Having spent a number of years at a Baby Model Agency and photographed over 2000 babies, I know to expect the unexpected! Crying, laughing, sleeping, pouting, giggling… babies show us all of their emotions and are the greatest teachers in reminding us how to be present. I’ve learned how to capture their dynamic expressions and also how to calm babies down if they feel unease. Working with babies has really helped me work with adults; whatever you’re feeling on the day, whether it’s a wedding, family shoot, portrait session or yoga shoot please know that you’re in safe hands and we’re going to create something wonderful.


I’m also a yoga teacher, so the importance of being present really resonates with me. As a photographer I’ve noticed that a lot of people often feel shy or nervous in front of a camera so I always have my yoga toolkit at hand to remind my clients of their inner strength and outer beauty. This is their time to feel empowered and my time to capture that.


For me, beauty shines from within and sometimes we just have to learn from babies and feel our emotions, be in awe of everything and let our inner warrior shine out. And when that happens, I’ll be right there ready to capture those memories for you.  

Krisztina x


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