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Why You Should invest in a Professional Business Headshot?

First impression matter. You never get a second chance to impress your future clients or employers. So whatever service you offer they want to check who you are. Starting with your profile photo.

Headshot London

In the contemporary era, the presence of social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram allows individuals to easily check each other with just a few clicks. But not just social media, many people are featured on company pages or their very own websites. The images in all these professional locations are important, which is why investing in a high-quality headshot is a wise decision that can pay off well in supporting your career and your dreams.

Business portrait for entrepreneurs in London

So in my blogpost today I'd like to share three important reasons why you need to start your new year with a new headshot.

Reason #1 - Get yourself Out there / Networking

I truly believe networking is important no matter where you are in your career. Your professional connections can help you find new opportunities, whether that be a new client a new job, a new podcast. A professional headshot is memorable and helps you stand out from a crowd, so definitely should be considered a networking must-have. Great headshots aren’t just for CVs: your business appearance starts with your photo - profile picture, email signature, business cards, so one great photo can work in so many different places.

Reason #2 - Growth in your career

Maybe the photo that you use on your socials are 2-3 years old. Since then maybe you changed jobs, started your own business, changed your hair, your wardrobe. A great headshot represents who you are NOW. Maybe 2024 is the year when you ready for change. A recent, professional headshot gives you credibility and trust with your clients. Your style and brand will naturally evolve, and your headshots should reflect the growth.

Young actress headshot image

Reason #3 - Confidence

Having a professional headshot helps you to take yourself seriously and others will as well.. A great headshot guaranties you’re making the best impression possible, which makes you feel good about your personal brand and what other professionals are thinking when they see your image. Also very often I experience that a professional headshot helps you define where direction you want to go, and really can boost your confidence. As a photographer my job is not just clicking the shutter but guide you to find the best version of your self that reflect on the final images.

Professional Headshot London

I worked with a lot of entrepreneurs in London last year and I saw a lot of confidence booster moments during my sessions. And of course even more when my clients started to use their photos on their platforms.

Headshot photographer in London

My final thoughts start with my own current photo that I'm going to replace soon. January is the perfect time to start with little changes. For so many this is the time for feeling low, have the January blues, so instead invest in your self. Your future goals and dreams start with the first step. My goal for 2024 is to create a new website with a new name and new brand so a lot of work ahead, but I know even just to plan my new photoshoot (what to wear, location, vibes) will give me a lot of new ideas and inspiration.

So on that note I've opened up 5 days in my calendar in January ( 10-15th), offering Mini Photoshoot Package for London entrepreneurs, small business owners and of course yoga-teachers (my favourite genre). This offer also works well for actors, models, or employees with their current photo in their CV/LinkedIn is outdated.

Mini Photoshoot to update your Headshot in London

Feel free to get in touch:

just fill in the form on the contact page and I'll get back to you with more information and booking.

Love, Kris x

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