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  • Think about where you want to use the pictures, Is it your website? Social media? Workshops? Yoga retreats? Or maybe you want to display the images in your studio or home? We have a chance to create pictures that are suitable for various reasons, so write down which ones are the most important to you!

  • Think about the poses that you want to do. Pick around 20 poses, mixed, easy and advanced. Practice them at home and check them in the mirror. Send your ideas to me so I can make sure we will not miss a pose! I will also recommend some poses to you!

  • Pick your outfits carefully! Make sure you choose matching colors; we can do 2-3 outfit changes. If you are not sure then bring a few more and I can help you decide! If you have your website keep in mind what colors you use there! Branded outfits work well for marketing purposes as you can tag them in your social media posts!

  • Wear suitable underwear! Thongs, string or seamless underwear works best, rather than classic briefs or bikini and Brazilian.

  • Bring any accessories, Yoga Mala and jewelry you may want to include.  

  • Hair and make-up: wear a bit of make-up and bring foundation, mascara and lipstick at least. I know yoga photos are rather natural and we want the natural look, but I’ll always take some headshots, so a bit of make up can be very useful. If you have  long hair we can change  the style from hair up to hair down throughout the shoot,  unless you only want hair up photos. 

  • Try to have a good night sleep the day before the shoot!

The Shoot:

  • We will start with a warm-up – a couple of Sun Salutations to get your body fit and flexible!

  • I’ll take various images of you – full poses, getting into the posture, transitions between poses, close ups, details, headshots and of course all those lovely unexpected moments. 

  • I am a qualified yoga teacher , so will  make sure the poses and angles are right for you and can help with any adjustments. I will guide you through the session with care as a photographer and yoga teacher – 2in1! I am always looking out for alignment, toes, hands and expressions.

  • I can either photograph you doing self-practice or by capturing specific images that you have in mind! 

  • Be mindful about holding any tension in your face as some poses require a lot of strength or concentration! 

  • Be prepared to repeat some poses, or slow down sometimes, so I can get different compositions of each pose.

  • My sessions are always relaxed and collaborative, and the goal is to have fun and achieve beautiful and meaningful images together!

  • My aim is to reflect your personality, style and practice through the images!

  • I will take plenty of headshots too as I am sure your clients want to know who you really are and not just what poses you can do. Also, simple and approachable poses can reflect your personality well. 

After the session:

  • I’ll present your images within 7 days.  A selection of around 100 images will be presented for you to view and choose. You can select the 2 images that are included in your session fee, or you can purchase the package that suits you best. 

  • Once you have made your selection, your chosen images will be edited and retouched and will be delivered to you within 10 days. If you only want the 2 pictures, I will  send you the photos via email. If you purchase a package, I will present them in a personalized online gallery. You need to download the images before you can use, share and print them. You can visit  the online gallery for 30 days but after 30 days it will get deleted.  

  • You can use the images for: personal projects, marketing purposes, social media, prints, or to share with friends and family. 

  • I often use the images on my website or social media channels; please let me know if you do not want me to do that. 

  • If you want to use the pictures in any form of publication or commercial purposes, you need to let me know in advance. 

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